Our “research first” approach will never be compromised.  Our research and breeding staff utilize the best American-based grass research facilities in the world.  Over 1,000 university and private industry representatives from all over the world visit our facilities every year.  If you haven’t visited, give us a call and we’ll set up a tour.

Pure-Seed Testing West

Canby, Oregon

Crystal Rose-Fricker is a pioneer in developing superior turf-type grass seed varieties that solve problems and make a difference in the world.  Our Oregon location’s primary research activities involve developing cool-season turgrass with improved disease resistance and resistance to abiotic stresses, including salt and herbicides with a specialized focus in documenting seed yield trials.  This location is the largest privately held turfgrass research facility in the world.

Pure-Seed Testing East

Rolesville, N. Carolina

Directed by Dr. Melodee Fraser who earned her Ph.D. in turfgrass breeding from Rutgers University under the direction of Dr. Reed Funk.  The East location’s primary focus is on development of tall fescue cultivars with improved brown patch resistance, and development of warm season and seeded turf-type bermudagrass cultivars.

Pure-Seed Testing Lab

Pure-Seed Testing Laboratory is an independently functioning, full-service seed testing laboratory, providing fast, accurate standardized seed testing for labeling and inventory management purposes for a wide range of customers across the country. We test all varieties of seed, with special expertise in grasses, turfgrass, forage, grains, vegetables, flowers and wildflowers; and also focus on coated seeds and seed blends.

Tests performed include: Purity, Germination, Fluorescence, TZ, Crop and Weed, UGS, Ergot/Soil, Seed Counts, POA Counts, Noxious, and Endophyte tests for domestic, Canadian and international seed shipments.

2022 Price List 


Project 1

Rainout Shelter

Testing Drought Tolerance

A rainout shelter covered in plastic ensures optimum control of precipitation for our drought research. Percent green cover is measured with digital photography (DIA) over 8 weeks to produce data on the best choices for low water use in turf.

Both Pure Seed and Pure-Seed Testing our proud members and supporters of the Turfgrass Water Conservation Alliance. The TWCA is an unbiased, independent foundation whose number one goal is water conservation focusing on live plant material. Here is a link to learn more about this organization

Project 2

Rooting Bench

Salinity Study

PST evaluated several Kentucky bluegrass cultivars in a rooting bench study subjected to a 17,000 ppm drip irrigation saline solution this spring and summer. Some new experimentals survived well as did Moonlight SLT. Percent green tissue was used to determine survival ratings, taken after 8 weeks of exposure. Lack of water and poor quality water is a growing problem for turf managers. So we continue to do research to find the best cultivars with green top growth and deeper roots under these abiotic stresses.

Amount of Drip Irrigation
17ppt 4/24/14 – 6/16/14
20ppt 6/16/14 – 7/16/14

Project 3

Paspalum Trial

Vegetative Seashore Paspalum Planted with Seeded Seashore Paspalum

A paspalum trial was established this spring in Oregon with vegetative sprigs of Platinum and seeded Pure Dynasty blend (Neptune and Trident) compared to straight Platinum vegetative sprigs. We are evaluating how these two products work together to speed up establishment of paspalum for fairways on a golf course. In this trial the plots with both seed and vegetative sprigs established the fastest even when the rate of sprigs used was cut in half. The combination is filling in nicely and handling a half-inch mowing height with no noticeable differences between Platinum and Pure Dynasty in our Oregon summer conditions.

Available Varieties to License

Variety Species EU List LBS. Data Packs
Northbound Chewings fescue x 23
Treazure (E) Chewings fescue 27
Brilliant Kentucky bluegrass x 7
Moonlight Kentucky bluegrass x 10
North Star / Northstar Kentucky bluegrass x 975 LB
PST – 101 – 362 (North star hybrid) Kentucky bluegrass p 3,375 SS doc
Charger Perennial ryegrass x 282 G BS?
Winterstar Poa trivialis 21
Seabreeze Slender creeping fescue x 5 + 12 Round Butte
Badger Strong creeping fescue 70
Shademaster II / Shadeway Strong creeping fescue x 700 G
Florentine GT / Florensate Strong creeping fescue x 26
Apache II Tall fescue x 50
Apache III Tall fescue 128
Dynamic* Tall fescue 67
Eldorado Tall fescue x 34.5
Endeavor* Tall fescue 32
Matador / Farandole Tall fescue x 41
Matador GT Tall fescue p 5
PST-5fdr Tall fescue 145  doc
PST-5fzd / Amarello Tall fescue x 1,739 LBS
PST-5sis / Picabu Tall fescue x 20 + 169?  doc
Tar Heel Tall fescue x 42.5
Tomahawk GT / Merlin Gold Tall fescue x 12
Wolfpack* Tall fescue x 19.5
Shade King Tufted hairgrass 13
For data pack not shown, please contact us directly Here* If licensed, block north america consumer right


Variety Species EU List LBS. Data Packs
Megabite Orchardgrass 5
Shawnee Orchardgrass (late) 12
2cow (intermediate) Perennial ryegrass 5,000 (2010)
Maximize Tall fescue 58

* Availabilities are subject to change. Please feel free to contact with any questions or inquiries you may have. Data packs available for download.