A growing reputation

It’s all about the quality—quality seed production, quality varieties and quality relationships—this was true five decades ago when we first got started and it’s just as true today. Our network of companies was founded on this principle. Roselawn, Pure-Seed Testing and Pure Seed (FKA Rose Agri-Seed) comprise a network of companies with common ownership and belief in innovation. Our network of companies shares the common vision to develop, produce, and market solution-based products focused on reducing environmental and economic pressure while building tolerance to specific stresses.

We built a history of being a global leader in researching, developing, producing and bringing to market proprietary turf and forage grasses. Originally established in 1970 just before the inauguration of the Plant Variety Protection Act of late 1971, Pure Seed has built a history of marketing premium turf varieties and is driven to establish varieties that solve problems and meet needs.

Today, more than ever, our drive to be innovative is ever so important. Our industry is fighting commoditization and through our research, we are developing varieties that provide solutions and preserve value.

Relationships are important to us, and we hope to build you into our history. We preserve value in our varieties by selecting distributors who want a lasting relationship, and we will help you preserve value by not over committing our varieties and bringing you into any special projects in your territory.