A Time for Gratitude

We are inspired this year despite the many challenges we have faced. The year 2020 has been a year of growth with the pandemic, forest fires, hurricanes, wind and rain damage, cancer battles and losing people we care about. It has taught us how precious our time and relationships truly are. The more we are separated from being together, the more we are learning to reach out and care more, to value the small things in life as well as the gift of goodwill to others. This year we wish you all peace, joy and more time together with those you hold dear. Through faith, hope, and love we will persevere through this year and beyond. 
I want to share what I am thankful for- I am thankful for each of you, for family, friends, my job, my faith, my mother and father, good health, music, teachers, church, my siblings, sunshine, clean air, my home, grass seed, growers, golf, sports, my children, our customers, our businesses, science, agriculture, health care workers, first responders and life! 
May you also find much to be thankful for this year! 
God Bless,

Crystal Rose-Fricker
Pure Seed | Pure-Seed Testing